Digital Array Microphone Chairman/Delegate Unit

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ARRA-TechTM Microphone array technology
Voice pick-up distance is not less than 80cm
Standard CAT5e connectors


Product Description

Digital Audio  Wide-angle Sound Pickup

Adopt full digital DSP technology to transmit high-quality audio signals, the effective pickup distance can up to 60-150cm, getting rid of traditional gooseneck microphones.

Bringing you relaxed conference communication

Audio Extension  Fast Deployment

You can select any model of VISSONIC conference device to connect, it supports analog audio, Dante protocol, AUDIOLINK protocol, making wireless into infinite.

Bringing you convenient conference deployment

Simple and Delicacy  Array Simultaneous Interpretation

Simple and Delicacy&Array Simultaneous Interpretation The use of digital ring hand-in-hand technology can achieve 63+1 simultaneous interpretation, equipment power supply, information display, and audio transmission with a single CAT5e cable.

No longer restrict to the direction of the microphone


Use shielded cables to resist external signals and interference, and use hand-in-hand-loop-network technology to achieve conference stability

Our Own R&D

“AFC Feedback Suppression”, “ANC Noise Cancellation”, “AEC Echo Cancellation”, and “Conference Camera Track”, bringing you a stable and pure audio conference system


Support for more functions through the back interface of the controller, central control, extension main unit, POE active audio, Dante protocol, Audio link™ protocol, analog signal

Technical Specifications

  • 6 meeting modes

    “OPEN” open mode “VOICE” voice control mode “FIFO” first in first out mode “APPLY” “PTT” “ALL” etc.

  • 16 segment EQ

    Achieve sound field adjustment; pressure limit, which can recognize the noise gate passed by human voice and support auto-mix technology

  • Single cable deployment

    All devices transmit 64 channels of audio and various information through a single CAT5e cable to complete the deployment

  • USB recording

    Recording and playback of the meeting process, with real-time monitoring function, support for USB interface to insert U disk recording

  • Audio Zone

    A single conference controller can realize the independent control and merging of 4 conference rooms, and the cascade of multiple conference controllers to realize the merging and separation of larger conference rooms (conference management, etc.)

  • Timed speaking

    The timed speaking mode can be selected directly on the controller panel, which is applicable to time-limited speeches, defenses, competitions, and public security law

  • Voting

    The one-click screen projection function can project the voting results such as the quantity order and the ranking order to the large screen

  • Main unit extension

    After expansion, it’s carrying capacity of wired supports up to 5200 seats, and wireless supports 300 seats, supports dual-system hot backup function

Model for Order

VIS-DAC-T………….. Digital Array Microphone Chairman Unit
VIS-DAD-T………….. Digital Array Microphone Delegate Unit
VIS-CNB……………….Connection Box for every two array microphones

System Diagram