ELPLP72 / V13H010L72 Epson Projector Lamp Bulb Apply To EB-Z8350WNL EB-Z8150NL (SINGLE) EB-Z8150 (SINGLE)

$684.67 ex. VAT

Epson ELPLP72 Replacement Projector

$684.67 ex. VAT

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Product Description

Product Description

ELPLP72 / V13H010L72 Epson Replacement Lamp For EB-Z8350WNL, EB-Z8150NL (SINGLE), EB-Z8150NL, EB-Z8150 (SINGLE)

Suitable Projector models Epson:

Epson Powerlite Pro Z8455WUNL (SINGLE), Powerlite Pro Z8455WUNL, Powerlite Pro Z8450WUNL (SINGLE), Powerlite Pro Z8450WUNL, Powerlite Pro Z8350WNL (SINGLE), Powerlite Pro Z8350WNL, Powerlite Pro Z8255NL (SINGLE), Powerlite Pro Z8255NL, Powerlite Pro Z8250NL (SINGLE), Powerlite Pro Z8250NL, EB-Z8450WUNL (SINGLE), EB-Z8450WUNL, EB-Z8355WNL (SINGLE), EB-Z8355WNL, EB-Z8350WNL (SINGLE), EB-Z8350WNL, EB-Z8150NL (SINGLE), EB-Z8150NL, EB-Z8150 (SINGLE), EB-Z10005NL, EB-Z10005NL (SINGLE), EB-Z10000NL, EB-Z10000NL (SINGLE), EB-Z10000 (SINGLE) .


Product description

OnlyLamp projector lamp module undergoes stringent checks on the quality of the lamp for

the following factors:

Projector lamp beam performance
Projector lamp ignition
Projector lamp voltage
Projector lamp appearance
Projector lamp connections
Projector lamp run time


All of these quality test make sure that you can trust the projector lamps made by

OnlyLamp to work flawlessly in your projector.

Our original projector lamps all use genuine original Osram, Philips, ushio, Phoenix bulbs, Epson, Panasonic OEM bulbs, 100% brightness, long working life of more than 2500 Hours and enjoy an 8-month warranty. Compatible projector lamps use high-quality burner, brightness can reach about 90% of the original lighting bulbs.


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