GANZ GXi Technology’s Video Analytic Licenses

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GXi Technology’s Imbedded Intelligence is the suite of  standard and optional Video Analytic to Ganz PixelPro and Ganz Thermal G2 Series. The features including:

  • Intrusion Detection
  • People & Vehicle Counting
  • Stopping & Dwell Detection
  • Directional Detection
  • Tailgating Detection

Product Description


GXi Technology adds a suite of Video Analytic options to Ganz PixelPro and Ganz Thermal G2 Series. The Imbedded Intelligence Technology maximizes your surveillance capability with a powerful set of built-in real-time video analysis tools, WDR with tone mapping and edge recording to SD card.


ZN1SA-STB Embedded video stabilization
ZN1SA-COUNT Bi-directional counting with on screen counters
ZN1SA-ACCESS Tailgating filter, counting line with onscreen counters
ZN1SA-DETECT Class & Speed filters, Direction & Dwell filters
ZN1SA-FOLLOW PTZ auto-tracking, auto lay on only
ZN1SA-SURV Class & Speed, Direction & Dwell filters, Tailgating & On screen counters
ZN1SA-ADVANCED ZNS-SURV plus Counting line
ZN1SA-ADVANCEDIPQ-01 ZNS-SURV plus Counting line, license for 4ch analog encoder
ZN1SA-TRACK Full PTZ auto-tracking
ZN1SA-PRO ZNS-TRACK plus Metadata, People tracker, Counting line, Color filter
ZN1SA-IPQ-01 ZNS-TRACK plus Metadata, People tracker, Counting line, Color filter, license for 4ch analog encoder


GXi Technology’s Imbedded Intelligence is the suite of standard and optional Video Analytic features including:

Intrusion Detection  
The intrusion detection sensor is ideal for perimeter security and crime prevention. An alarm is generated when a pre-determined object (person or vehicle) crosses into the detection zone. Alarms can also be generated when an object crosses from the inside to the outside of a detection zone.
                                  People & Vehicle Counting
This feature counts the people and vehicles that pass through the setup “lines” with precision. It recognizes directions, so it can differentiate whether they are entering or exiting. It can also measure the speed of the objects. This feature is ideal for retail: counting customers, identifying trends and alerting staff when a group gathers in a defined location.
Stopping & Dwell Detection
Objects that are stopped inside a zone, or remain inside a zone for longer than the defined amount of time will trigger an alarm.  Ideal for identifying a loitering person.


  Directional Detection
Objects that travel in the configured direction (within the limits of the acceptance angle) through a zone or over a line trigger an alarm.  This can be used for traffic control and entry/exit monitoring.
Tailgating Detection
Object tailgating is defined as two objects crossing a virtual line or zone within in a pre-defined time frame. This is suitable for vehicles or with people in an access control setting.
These examples represent only a few of the ways GXi’s Imbedded Intelligence enables you to capture the real-time data needed to protect your business.