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MOTOTRBO RDV (Repeater Diagnostic and Control) GMVN5520 is a software application that allows the system administrator to monitor and control the repeater (s) of the Motorola Mototrbo radio system. The RDAC GMVN5520 application is run on a PC and connects to the Motorola MOTOTRBO repeater via a direct connection via the USB port or remotely via LAN / WAN.

Product Description

Thanks to the MOTOTRBO RDAC GMVN5520 application, the following services can be used: Repeater

Detection of repeater on / off, analog / digital mode. Determining the status of local or system traffic, available channels, transmission power, received signal strength, IP address and UDP port.

Repeater alarm states

Detection of error of receiver or transmitter, power supply, fan, critical temperature values.

Repeater control
Activation and deactivation of the repeater, channel change, transmission power change, repeater reset, etc.