Motorola MOTOTRBO ™ DP4400e VHF

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Dual (digital / analog) professional handheld radio Motorola DP4400e VHF (model MDH56JDC9VA1AN type PBER302C) system Motorola MOTOTRBO ™. The Motorola DP 4400e VHF transmitter with 32 channel positions (16 positions in two zones) can be used for classic analog as well as digital operation. The Select 5 signaling standard is also supported in analog operation, so the Motorola DP4400 e offers advanced functions not only in digital operation. The basic package includes a desktop charger, a rechargeable LiIon 1650mAh battery, a clip for hanging on a belt, a VHF antenna, a charger and a connector cover for external audio accessories.

Product Description

The Motorola MOTOTRBO-DP 4400e VHF 136-174 MHz digital radio (model MDH56JDC9VA1AN, type PBER302C) offers the following functions and options:

  • possibility to use up to 32 channel positions
  • transmission power up to 5W, operating band 136-174 MHz
  • analog and digital operation with connection to the channel position
  • 3 function buttons and an emergency button on the top of the radio
  • LED operating status indicator
  • SCAN function – traffic monitoring at multiple channel positions
  • individual and group calling, sending station ID, remote monitor and other digital traffic functions
  • high level of call encryption in digital traffic
  • analog Select 5 signaling, QuckCall, Rapid Call
  • Capacity Plus, Linked Capacity Plus support
  • VOX – voice controlled broadcasting for selected external audio accessories
  • automatic speaker volume adjustment depending on ambient noise
  • high operational resistance – IP68 protection, US MIL standard 810 C, D, E, F and G
  • support for vibrating alert (vibrating clip)
  • advantages of the innovation of the “e” version – greater range due to higher sensitivity of the receiver, longer battery life, etc.

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Additional features, options and extensions for an additional fee

  • AES256 encryption
  • Ambient noise attenuation function (similar to using an anti-noise audio set with two microphones)


Number of channels 32
Transmitting power (hf max) 5 W
Frequency 136 – 174 MHz
Dimensions 130x55x34 mm
Mass 295 g