Motorola MOTOTRBO ™ DP4401e UHF, BT, GPS, WiFi

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Motorola DP 4401e UHF (model MDH56RDC9RA1AN type PBER502CE) is a DMR digital (dual digital / analog) professional handheld radio system Motorola MOTOTRBO ™ with integrated GPS receiver, Bluetooth and WiFi module. Motorola DP4401e UHF allows the use of up to 32 channel positions in the 403-527 MHz band for classic analog as well as digital operation. The Select 5 signaling standard is also supported in analog operation, so the Motorola DP4401 offers advanced features not only in digital operation. Thanks to the built-in GPS receiver, the DP4401e radio station can send information about its position, for example, to the control room. The Bluetooth 4.0 LE module then allows the connection of wireless audio accessories such as various Bluetooth headsets, etc. 

Product Description

The Motorola DP 4401e UHF 403-527 MHz digital radio (model MDH56RDC9RA1AN type PBER502CE) offers the following functions and options:

  • possibility to use up to 32 channel positions (16 channels in two zones)
  • transmission power up to 4W, operating band 403-527 MHz
  • analog and digital operation with connection to the channel position
  • 3 function keys and emergency key
  • LED operating status indicator
  • SCAN function – traffic monitoring at multiple channel positions
  • individual and group calling, sending station ID, remote monitor and other digital traffic functions
  • high level of call encryption in digital traffic
  • analog Select 5 signaling, QuckCall, Rapid Call
  • Capacity Plus and Linked Capacity Plus support
  • VOX – voice controlled broadcasting for selected external audio accessories
  • automatic speaker volume adjustment depending on ambient noise
  • high operational resistance – IP68 protection, US MIL standard 810 C, D, E, F and G
  • Built-in GPS (GPS and GLONASS) receiver, Bluetooth 4.0 LE and WiFi module

and more …

Additional features, options and extensions at an additional cost

  • extended AES256 encryption level
  • Ambient noise attenuation function (similar to using an anti-noise audio set with two microphones)
  • vibrating battery
  • location monitoring in buildings
  • ManDown – monitoring the status / position of the radio station 

Radio stations can be used on freely accessible frequencies according to the general authorization of the CTU.


Number of channels 32
Transmitting power (hf max) 4 W
Frequency 403 – 527 MHz
Dimensions 130 x 55 x 34 mm
Mass 295 g